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MT4 Lost Honor (also known as Era of Legends) is a 3D MMORPG that's clearly inspired by the popular game by the name of Blizzard, both in aesthetics and gameplay. This time, you'll turn into a fantasy character during his journey through the continent of Eminoel while he's looking for adventures.

There are eight types of characters available, each with features and skills that are really similar to the World of Warcraft characters. But here's an interesting fact for you: you can either choose a standard or a cartoon-like appearance that's more akin to the Asian market. This feature is basically trying to please everyone.

As far as the gameplay goes, you'll use the classic virtual controls to move around this enormous world and complete the task you're assigned. Leveling up your characters allows you to unlock new areas of the game (which might also remind you a lot to the popular Azeroth in many ways) as well as become stronger.

MT4 Lost Honor includes assisted combats and your character moves automatically. But, don't let your guard down because the battles will absolutely require your control skills so you can efficiently manage your skills' cooldown and assist your teammates. That's right, a bunch of battles (raids or PvP battles) will require the collaboration of other players.

MT4 Lost Honor is a really interesting Free to Play MMORPG that could very easily belong to the golden area of this genre for PC. We're talking about a game that stands out because of its incredible visuals and offers hours of entertainment while you reach the high-end content.
By Raúl Rosso

This is the South East Asia version of the game. The international version is called Era of Legends, available on Uptodown.


Android 4.0 or greater is required.